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Posted: Thursday, 22 May 2014 2:02PM

Jindal: Common Core is like central planning in Russia

In an opinion article he wrote, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal compares Common Core education standards and Obamacare to centralized planning in Russia.

"Centralized planning didn't work in Russia, it's not working with our health care system, and it won't work in education," Jindal said in the op/ed for USA Today.

He said that he is from the school that believes education is best left for local control, adding that the notion of Washington determining curricula is something most states don't want.

"It's a non-starter. As we have seen in Obamacare, President Obama's Washington believes it knows better than the peasants in the states. But centralized planning didn't work in Russia, it's not working with our health care system and it won't work in education. It's true that Common Core never started out as a curriculum. It's even true that it still is not a curriculum. But just as certainly, if the feds dictate the standards of measure, the local curricula will have no choice but to follow. To succeed on Common Core tests, states will have to adopt curricula that teach to the tests. To think otherwise is folly. Second, parents have spoken out. It has become fashionable in the news media to believe there is a right-wing conspiracy against Common Core. The folks who think that need to get out more. The rebellion against federal government mandated testing is widespread and is led by parents of all stripes and political persuasions," Jindal argued.

Louisiana Board of Elemntary and Secondary Education President Chas Roemer disagrees with Jindal's remarks.

"It's an erroneous comparison," Roemer said. "There's nothing centralized about the approach we are taking in our state, other then we want to compare ourselves directly with other states."
Roemer says Common Core is not a federally run program, and it provides freedom to local educators to decide on how and what they'll teach kids. He says the governor's statement is all about presidential politics.
"His analogy of some kind of centralized planning is political speak. That's not a substantive comment," Roemer insisted.
Jindal is a former supporter of Common Core and Roemer says the governor is focused on a different agenda now.
"I think he's focused on his national politics and I think this is a reflection of that. They are not representative of the direction we should be going in this state," according to Roemer.

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