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Posted: Tuesday, 20 May 2014 8:43AM

Crawfish season peaking

If you've had crawfish lately you've noticed prices have gone down.  The mudbugs have grown, too.   

Dr. Greg Lutz with the LSU Ag Center said the season has been an odd one, because of a dry autumn leading into a cold winter that kept the ponds cold and the crawfish hiding.  

"All that cold weather also destroyed most of the vegetation that serves as the base of the food change for the crawfish so we're into the homestretch here.  Before long they're going to stop growing," said Dr. Lutz.  

For consumers we are just about back to where we should be.  

"Generally, most of the crop is hitting that marketable size right about now," Lutz said, "so the availability goes up and our size will be a little bit bigger."

Crawfish prices are a little over three dollars a pound if you pick em up boiled. You can buy the mudbugs live for under two dollars per pound live.

When our beloved crawfish season will end?

"Normally, the crawfish themselves begin to wind down about the end of May. They will start looking for some place to spend the summer down in the ground and we've been set back a month or so this season so that may play out quite a bit longer," Dr. Lutz said.   

Dr. Lutz did say when the dust settles at the end of the season, we'll see that we produced a lot less crawfish.  In the meantime, he says keep the pots ready for more crawfish.   


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