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Posted: Friday, 16 May 2014 12:23PM

Deputies kill disabled suspect in Metairie

Updated at 1:14pm

The Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office says deputies shot and killed a wheelchair-bound man in Metairie this morning. It happened at the Whitewater Creek Apartments in the 6800-block of Veterans Memorial Boulevard near Lafreniere Park.

Witnesses report hearing several gunshots interrupt the sunny mid-morning.

Josh, a man who works at the nearby Dealin' Doug's car dealership said the shots were easy to hear:

''I was standing right outside,'' he told us. ''I heard ... pop pop pop.'''

One resident told WWL First News that a neighbor was reportedly threatening suicide.  He says officers told him that when they arrived the suspect pointed his gun at the police.

Col. John Fortunato says it appears to be a classic case of suicide by cop.

Listen to Fortunato:

Fortunato says a man called 911 saying his brother had a gun and wanted to die.

"His brother sent him a text saying he had a gun and was serious about killing himself," the spokesman said. "He believed his brother want(ed) the police to come to the location and shoot him."

He says several officers arrived at the apartment.

"When they knocked at the door, the door was answered by a man who was sitting in a wheelchair, who had a shotgun across his lap."

The man allegedly then picked up the gun and pointed it at the deputies.

"Our officers ordered him on three separate occasions to put the gun down," Fortunato said.

He told WWL First News that when the man refused to drop the weapon.

"Two of the officers fired striking the subject, who subsequently was pronounced dead on the scene," Fortunato said.

He says one of the deputies fired two bullets, the other fired once.

The investigation is ongoing and will include what Fortunato called "an after action review."

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