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Posted: Thursday, 15 May 2014 6:26AM

Pit bull and puppies held in pound after attack on women, girl

The fate of a pit bull that police say attacked a child and two adults is unclear today.

Officials say the dog is currently under a 10 day mandated quarantine, and the owners will decide if they want to voluntarily surrender the animal or face a potential court battle.

"Our officers responded to reports of several individuals bitten by a female pitbull dog at #32 Sarah in Waggaman," Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Col. John Fortunato wrote in a news release.  "There were three female victims who sustained dog bites during this attack, who needed medical attention." 

One of the victims is a little girl.

"The victim with the most serious injury was a four-year-old female, who appeared to have suffered a broken arm.  A 33-year-old female sustained a dog bite to her leg and a 37-year-old female sustained a dog bite to her arm.  All three victims were transported to an area hospital with non-life-threatening injuries," according to Fortunato.

He says that witnesses told investigators that the attack started when the four-year-old girl opened a bedroom door where the female pitbull and her puppies were located.  The dog then came out of the room.

"Once the dog entered the area where the victims were standing, she bit both of the adults.  As the adults reached out to grab the child, it was then the dog lunged forward and bit the child on her arm," Fortunato said.  "Jefferson Parish Animal Control took possession of the 5 year-old pitbull and her puppies." 

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