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Posted: Wednesday, 14 May 2014 2:59PM

Jindal's approval ratings jump ten points in one year

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal's popularity is growing among voters. A new poll shows the governor's approval numbers on the rebound.

The survey from Southern Media and Opinion Research shows the governor's positive job performance rating at 48 percent. That's ten points higher than a year ago. Pollster Bernie Pinsonat says it's still way lower than his peak early in his administration, but it's something.

"He has at least been able to get back to the 50 percent range," said Pinsonat, "which is certainly more comfortable to him than the 38 percent, so Jindal is, without the budget cuts, starting to get some of his popularity back."

Pinsonat says it appears voters follow the budget.

"Right before this session, (Jindal) announced that he was putting money back into higher education, back in to health care and there would be no dramatic, huge budget cuts and...that prompted another increase in his popularity," Pinsonat said.

However, Pinsonat's survey finds Jindal still has a higher negative rating -- 51 percent. Jindal's negative score has been higher than his approval rating since September of 2012.

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