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Posted: Tuesday, 13 May 2014 7:57AM

Beer sales at Tiger Stadium? "I think it's going to happen" says AD

LSU wants to improve the "fan experience" at Fighting Tiger football games. Could that include beer sales at Tiger Stadium? A top Tiger official says "it's going to happen," but when?

LSU athletic director Joe Alleva says it's the SEC that forbids member schools from having beer sales at games. He says he and his colleagues have discussed changes.

"We've talked about it as athletic directors, and I think at some point -- I don't know if it'll be five years from now, ten year from now -- but I think at some point, I think it's going to happen," Alleva told the Press Club of Baton Rouge.

Alleva says when West Virginia University began selling beer at their stadium during football games, there was no increase in any unruly behavior -- in fact, he says just the opposite happened.

"I know at West Virginia, they started selling beer at their football games, and the number of incidences that they had, police-related incidences, actually went down," he said.

Joe Alleva talks about beer sales at Tiger Stadium:

The potential for beer sales are part of a larger discussion LSU Athletic Director Joe Alleva is having about making Saturdays in Death valley more entertaining for fans. Tiger Stadium recently installed two new high-definition video boards, and the new south end zone upper deck will bring the stadium's total capacity above 100,000.

Alleva said the new seating will be made available to visiting teams' fans, and when they don't sell out, seats will be released to the general public at a discount.

"When I say discounted, I mean a very discounted price," Alleva said. "It'll give a father and his son, or daughter, or whatever the opportunity to come be in Tiger Stadium at a very affordable price."


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