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Posted: Tuesday, 06 May 2014 2:52PM

A Covington police controversy ends with a resignation

A Covington police officer, at center of a controversy involving the arrests of two high school football referees has resigned and retired from the force.

It came down just as Sgt. Stephen Short was appealing his demotion and preparing for additional discipline.  Police Chief Tim Lentz says the new

 punishment would have been for allegedly intercepting phone calls the Police Chief made to those referees.  

''So we believe at this point and time this ends the saga involving both arrest of the referees and most recent incident involving the phone calls,'' said Lentz.

Interview with Covington Police Chief Tim Lentz:

Lentz calls it a difficult time for his police department and hopefully there is finally relief.

''We believes his appeals now become mute because he has retired, it's hard to fight for a job that you retired from,'' Lentz said.

Lentz hopes the controversy is over and the department can now move ahead.

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