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Posted: Monday, 05 May 2014 2:50PM

Police say repeat-offender DWI suspect re-wired built-in breathalyzer

Slidell police say a local man is behind bars after he rewired his ignition, dismantled the car's built-in breathalyzer, and drove his vehicle while intoxicated. Cops discovered the alleged tampering early Saturday morning, with a traffic stop on Pontchartrain Drive.

"The officer pulled over the driver...41-year-old Larry Paul," said Det. Daniel Suzeneau with the Slidell Police Department. "They performed the field sobriety test and he blew a 0.152...which is almost twice the legal limit."

Suzeneau says officers learned that Paul had a history of DWI arrests and had been ordered by the court to install an ignition interlock device, basically a breathalyzer built in to his car, to prevent the vehicle from starting if there is alcohol in the driver's system.

"Officers were kind of perplexed at the fact that how did Mr. Paul have his vehicle driving," Suzeneau said.  "It turns out that Mr. Paul actually dismantled the interlock device and also re-wired his ignition to defeat the whole system."

Det. Suzeneau says they're pretty sure Paul did this a significant time before being discovered, as "it's something that takes a little bit of knowledge and work to do."

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