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Posted: Monday, 05 May 2014 6:17AM

Is your firstborn the most successful?

A study done in the UK reports that firstborns are more successful than the other siblings.  

Researchers at the University of Essex's Institute for Social and Economic Research surveyed 3,553 individuals and 1,503 groups of siblings, and discovered that firstborn children tended to have higher educational aspirations and attainment (level of education completed).

Researchers found that firstborns had a 16 percent higher probability of attending further education compared with later born siblings.

Licensed professional counselor Dr. Dawn Romano says there are other factors to consider, but she agrees there is something to the study. 

"I do agree with the studies that have been done and with this particular study," she explained.  "They are finding that there is an advantage to being the first born in the family."

Of course Dr. Romano said there are other factors.  The study examined sibling birth order, number of children in the family, age spacing, sex health, relationships with one another and educational aspirations. 

Dr. Romano said spacing may factor in because "parents may just not have as much time to devote to spending with each child.  The advantage the first born would have... being the only child before the siblings are born and having the parents undivided attention may not be as much if another child is born soon afterwards." 

The idea is that with widely spaced siblings, parents are able to spread out their resources.

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