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Posted: Thursday, 01 May 2014 1:36PM

Medical marijuana is shot down again

The efforts to legalize marijuana for medicinal use continue to fail in both Louisiana's legislature and on Capitol Hill.

The U.S. House of Representatives debated an amendment to allow doctors at VA hospitals and clinics to dispense marijuana for military veterans who suffer from post traumatic stress disorder.  Louisiana Congressman John Fleming says because pot is a schedule one drug, like heroin, it wouldn't be right to go against the current federal law.

''The smoke from marijuana has more tar in it than cigarettes," said Fleming. "Why do we want to have another epidemic of lung cancer and heart disease?"

Fleming, a medical doctor, says they can't rely on the testimony from a few who claim pot really works well as a treatment.

''It only makes it right if we have proof out there, scientific evidence that supports it's use and benefits,'' he said.

The amendment failed on a vote of 195 in favor to 222 against.

(image credit Charles LeBlanc via flickr.com)

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