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Posted: Monday, 28 April 2014 6:57AM

Sun warnings apparently falling on deaf ears

Decades of efforts to get people to protect themselves from skin cancer-causing sun and tanning beds appear to be failing.

Despite the warnings, people do not seem to be listening when it comes to overdoing it in the sun.   Cases of skin cancer are on the rise.

Dr. Nicole Rogers is a board certified dermatologist who has an office in Old Metairie.  She says now is the time of year to really be careful. 

"The weather's beautiful, it's warm.  We have temptations like Jazz Fest, and people feel like they can't get enough sun quick enough," she noted.  "They're going out and often times they're not using sunscreen because they want to hurry up and get a tan, or get a base tan.

The doctor says that is misguided.

"This is when some of the worse sunburns can occur," said Rogers.    

She stresses that despite all the warnings, there is no doubt doctors are seeing an increase of  skin cancer.

"There is no doubt that we are seeing an increase in skin cancer, especially melanoma," said Dr. Rogers.  

She says protection, either from clothes or sun block should always be used when you are in the sun.  

Rogers also supports efforts to ban children from tanning beds.


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