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Posted: Sunday, 27 April 2014 11:39AM

Cops: 84-year-old flees scene after killing pedestrian

An elderly man is facing charges after allegedly hitting and killing a woman crossing the street in Kenner.

"The Kenner Police Department has arrested Richard Gallois, 84, of 1500 W. Esplanade Avenue," Sergeant Brian McGregor said in a news release. "He struck Jacoba Velasquez Gomez, 60 of Kenner."

Investigators say the woman was trying to get across Williams Blvd.

"He struck Gomez who was crossing the roadway.  The intersection does not have an established crosswalk or any traffic control device," McGregor explained. "Gomez was projected onto the hood of the vehicle and into the front windshield.  Gallois briefly stopped his vehicle on the roadway then left the scene traveling to 39th Street where he made a u-turn and passed the crash scene again, as he traveled south on Williams Boulevard."  

It happened just before 9:00pm Saturday night.

"Gallois left the area and at 10:03 p.m., he and his attorney contacted the Kenner Police Department to report his involvement in the crash," the sergeant said.

A short time later he was arrested.

"Richard Gallois was charged with the crime of felony hit and run involving a fatality... Chief Steve Caraway asks that if anyone witnessed this fatality crash to call Kenner Police Traffic Officer / Investigator Patrick Gallagher at (504) 712-2257."     


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