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Posted: Friday, 25 April 2014 7:02AM

House panel okays the sale of wine ice cream

Alcohol infused ice cream could be coming to a store near you. Monroe Representative Marcus Hunter's legislation that would allow licensed alcohol retailers to sell wine ice cream finally made it out of a House committee on its third try.

The bill heads to the House floor for more discussion. Hunter says the proposed law is written, so ONLY retailers that are licensed can sell wine ice cream, which should keep it from being sold to minors.
"There will be no way the neighborhood ice cream man will be selling infused alcohol ice cream to kids or adults."
The bill also states that the alcohol content in the ice cream must be relatively low.

Buzz Bar, which is made in California, wants to sell their product in the Bayou State. They're Blitzed Berry ice cream bar has an alcohol content of two-point-eight percent .

Photo credit star5112 via flickr

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