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Posted: Thursday, 24 April 2014 3:56PM

Suspicious package not a bomb at New Orleans courthouse

Police say what appeared to be a possible explosive device at the courthouse at Tulane and Broad was not a bomb.

"The call came in about 2:00pm.  An OPCS Deputy Lt. observed a suspicious package inside of the building and notified NOPD.  The building was evacuated and police arrived and determined the package was not and an explosive device," NOPD Officer Garry Flot said in an email.

The suspicious package with a note attached led to the evacuation the building as a precaution.

Inside the bag, police a liquid.

" The Fire Department took possession of the liquid substance for testing and NOPD placed the bag and its contents at Central Evidence and Property.  The building is now open," according to Flot.

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