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Posted: Wednesday, 23 April 2014 8:41AM

Does sleeping close make for a better relationship?

Researchers from the University of Hertfordshire in England, say snuggling with your partner really does say something about your relationship.  

The study says 94%  of couples who touch while sleeping said they were happy in their relationship. 

Dr. Martin Drell is the head of the Child Psychiatry Department at the LSU Health Sciences Center here in New Orleans.

He says what happens in the bedroom is very often what's going on with the relationship in general. 

He said sleep is about a third of your life. 

According to Dr. Drell, "It's a huge chunk of time when people are interacting and yet not interacting."

But he says there are other factor is whether or not couple cuddle.

"I think you add in things like snoring, the blanket stealers and you add people with restless legs, their legs are twitching at night and they wake up their partner," said Dr. Drell.

Craig Sexton, who is the lead sleep tech at East Jefferson General Hospital says snoring and sleep apnea does cause problems. 

"I can understand people moving out of the bedroom, moving down the hallway,  or sleeping on the couch just to avoid the snoring because it really can keep you up all night.  Then you're sleep deprived, and you're probably in a worse condition then the patient who has sleep apnea," said Sexton. 

Photo Credit: Erik Ogan via flickr

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