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Posted: Monday, 21 April 2014 7:17AM

Terminator 5 starts shooting in New Orleans

New Orleans and Louisiana continue to bask in the success of Hollywood South when it comes to movie shoots down here. 

Another blockbuster begins shooting this week, with Terminator: Genesis or Terminator 5 with  Arnold Schwarzenegger and Emilia Clarke. 

Chris Stelly, Executive Director of Louisiana Entertainment, says most of the filming will be done through our area. 

"They found some stage space out in Saint Bernard Parish... They're finding locations all over the city and surrounding area," says Stelly.

Look for a busy spring and summer for movies and TV shows shot here in New Orleans. 

Stelly said, "The state is absolutely busy.  If you just watch some recent promos on television, that TV series Salem is just entirely up in Shreveport, Louisiana and the surrounding area.  We have the reboot of a major franchise with Jurassic World shooting in New Orleans, we have the Fantastic 4 shooting at the Celtic Center and throughout the Baton Rouge area."

Other projects include:

The independent feature film American Ultra starring Jesse Eisenberg and Kristen Stewart will shoot April 14th through June 10th in New Orleans.

MGM feature film Don't Mess with Texas starring Sofía Vergara and Reese Witherspoon is scheduled to film May 14th in New Orleans.

Universal feature film Jurassic Park 4 starring Bryce Dallas Howard, Chris Pratt, and Jake Johnson will shoot June 2nd for 11 weeks in New Orleans.

Itaca Films feature film Mind Puppet will shoot April 22nd through May 17th in New Orleans.

Gold Circle Productions feature film Pitch Perfect 2 starring Elizabeth Banks, Anna Kendrick, Brittany Snow will shoot May 22nd for 40 days in Baton Rouge.

Stelly says you can find all listings and how to work on the sets at

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