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Posted: Friday, 18 April 2014 10:13AM

Post scandal poll on the kissing Congressman video

How much has the video of Congressman Vance McAllister kissing a married staffer hurt his popularity with voters?

51-percent of those polled in the 5th congressional district say they will not vote for the U.S. Representative this fall.

The telephone survey of 1,300 registered voters was conducted by Pineville pollster David Glascock. ULM Political Science Professor Joshua Stockley says McAllister should be encouraged by the poll.

"Clearly Representative McAllister has been damaged by the scandal," said Stockley. "But the numbers tell us while he's been damaged he hasn't necessarily been destroyed or knocked out."

The pollster says the survey was paid for by "political activists." It also asked voters who they would vote for in a runoff election between McAllister and state senator Neil Riser.

McAllister lost by 12-percentage points. Stockley says there's time for the so-called kissing Congressman to rebound before the November election.

"Representative McAllister still stands a good chance of being reelected, even if he runs against a formidable opponent as Senator Riser would be," Stockley said.

The poll comes out on the heels of a video that shows McAllister, a father of five, kissing a staffer that was also married.

Stockley says the poll shows many people are not happy with McAllister, but there's time to make a political comeback.

"53% said there is nothing Representative McAllister can do to gain trust or regain trust in him," said Stockley. "I really do suspect that number would change over time. This poll is only a week out of a major scandal."

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