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Posted: Monday, 14 April 2014 1:15PM

Committee approves pickup truck dog restraint bill

A bill that would require dogs to be secured in the beds of pickup trucks traveling on interstates clears committee 13-2 Monday morning. The measure is once again being proposed by Kenner Representative Tom Willmott. He says he's been searching the Internet for stories about dogs flying out of trucks.

"I was shocked to see how much this happens," said Willmott. "These dogs actually get skinned from being dragged along the ground. It's horrifying."

Willmott says this law would apply to interstates only. He says the bill also doesn't limit the way the owner chooses to restrain the dog such as in a crate or a tether of appropriate length.

Dry Creek Representative Dorothy Sue Hill opposed the bill.

"As you know I represent a redneck area and we have a lot of hunters and all they have to do is say 'Load up dog,'" said Hill.

Hill says some dogs ride better in vehicles than children do and many hunters in her rural area would not be happy with a law like this.

New Iberia Representative Terry Landry likes the bill and says it's not about telling dog owners what they can or can't do, but this is a public safety issue.

"We can also assume that sometimes out of fear animals will do things that are irrational like jumping onto the road causing major incidents," said Landry.

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