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Posted: Monday, 14 April 2014 6:39AM

LSU polls residents on pot and gay marriage

LSU has completed a survey on two social issues that are gaining a lot of attention, the legalization of marijuana and same sex marriages. Amy Reynolds, director of the Reilly Center for Media and Public affairs says they found the support for legalizing marijuana in Louisiana is on the rise with 79% of people saying pot should be legal for medical use.

"Which we found is not quite as high as the national average but it is increasing slightly in Louisiana, mostly in the area of legalizing for medical purposes," Reynolds says.
Reynolds says 65 percent also believe marijuana will also one day be legalized for personal use.  She says the support for same sex marriages is also rising in the state. Support on the topic increased from 39 to 42 percent over the past year.

"We also found that Louisiana is not supportive at the same level that people are supportive nationally but there is a growing number of people who support it," Reynolds says.
Reynolds says the study was taken from about one thousand Louisiana residents. She says they found it interesting that 67 percent of people think same sex marriage will eventually become legal in the state.

"Even if people don't support same sex marriage or civil unions, they believe it will eventually become legal in the state of Louisiana," Reynolds says. 

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