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Posted: Monday, 07 April 2014 3:07PM

LA House approves butt ban

Just in case there was any confusion, cigarette butts are litter, as far as the Louisiana House of Representatives is concerned.

West bank lawmaker Pat Connick (R-Marrero) says those little cotton filters can make a whole lot of litter, so he wants to make sure law enforcement, and smokers, are clear: people caught casually tossing them on the ground can be cited.

"You want to keep their butts in the car?" asked Thomas Carmody (R-Shreveport) during the floor debate.

"Keep the butts, in the car, absolutely," replied Connick.

Some lawmakers wondered how easily a law officer could link a suspect to a cigarette butt found on the ground.

"Suppose I was a police officer and I observed someone throw a butt out the window," posed Steve Pylant (R-Winnsboro).  "How would I be able to readily identify it as their butt?"

Connick said the same rules that allow cops to link ditched drugs to fleeing suspects would apply, even though, as Rep. Pylant pointed out, "most of the butts look alike."

Lawmakers approved the bill 95-1, sending it to the state senate.

(image from waferboard via flickr.com/Creative Commons)

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