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Posted: Friday, 21 March 2014 6:59AM

Man sets fire on bus from NY to Louisiana

A New York City man has been arrested after making a statement that he had placed an explosive device on a Greyhound bus in Louisiana.

Monroe Police Department Sgt. Mark Johnson says a 26-year-old Jonathan Rivera locked himself in the bus bathroom and started a fire.

"Mr. Rivera was in the bathroom on the bus and had lock himself in and started a fire in that bathroom.  Monroe Police were called and we were able to take Mr. Rivera into custody," according to Johnson.
Rivera has been charged with aggravated arson and terrorizing.  Johnson says Rivera reportedly started the bathroom fire with incense and toilet paper and when arresting officers took him into custody he made a disturbing announcement.
He made the statement to the arresting officers, " 'You guys ain't seen nothing yet, get ready for the big boom I've planned for this bus.' Basically alluding to them that he had placed some type of explosive device on the bus."
Johnson says, 37 passengers were removed from the bus and taken across the street while the Monroe Fire Department, Fire Marshall's Office and State Police aided in sweeping the bus and surrounding area with the help of bomb-sniffing dogs.
"The were able to determine the bus and surrounding area were complete safe and the passengers of the bus were allowed to move on."

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