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Posted: Tuesday, 18 March 2014 7:06AM

Lawmakers to discuss making e-cig sales to kids illegal

Electronic cigarettes -- they produce no smoke, bu they still deliver nicotine, and a Louisiana lawmaker wants to make sure they're treated just like regular cigarettes, as far as children are concerned.
State Senator Rick Gallot (D-Ruston) says problems linked to electronic cigarettes have already started showing up.
"There were 400 reported instances of health problems resulting from children, minors, being exposed to this product," Gallot claims. 
Some retailers say they have policies against selling e-cigs to minors, but Gallot says it's not against the law, and studies show children are getting a hold of them more frequently.
"A survey done in 2011 I believe it was showed about 1.5 percent of high school-age students had tried e-cigarettes," Gallot said. "The following year...the number had increased to 2.8."
Although many adults say they were able to kick their smoking habit by using electronic cigarettes, Gallot points out they still deliver nicotine to the user, and he says kids don't need that.
"To get our children hooked on this nicotine is certainly not a good thing," he said.
The Louisiana Senate Judiciary B committee is set to discuss Gallot's bill this afternoon.

(image from Michael Dorausch, Flickr)

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