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T-Bob: On da bayou with Mom & Beaux

My wonderful mother called me up last Wednesday and told me she would be coming in town for my brother Beaux’s birthday.  I was excited, but I knew that this call was about more than just informing me of her plans to fly in.  She started talking about paddle boarding, and how Beaux really wanted to take a 3-hour tour through Bayou St. John.

Now, on the surface this doesn’t sound too bad; however, if you know me, you know that I can be a victim of extreme laziness.  To make matters worse, this proposed tour was going to take place during my daily nap time around 11 AM (I know that speaking of a daily nap time is unlikely to ingratiate myself with anybody, but it is what it is.)  So, due to my natural laziness, I was a bit apprehensive about the tour.  I figured it was going to drag on and that it would actually be tiring and all I wanted to do was go home and play Hearthstone.  

I could not have been more wrong. I had an amazing time thanks to NOLA Paddleboards, and absolutely cannot wait to go again.

I was nervous at first about falling, not because I didn’t want to go swimming or get wet, but rather, I didn’t want to be embarrassed because I fell while my mother and brother (both experienced paddle boarders) strode along the bayou with an elegance and grace I could only hope to emulate.  Much to my surprise, I did not fall.  In fact, after ten minutes I guess you could say I even got cocky!  The more comfortable I got on the board, the more I started to enjoy myself.  I felt as if I was being transported back in time.  

Here I was, paddling along Bayou St. John, much like the merchants, pirates, and traders that had come hundreds of years before me.  Perhaps the most interesting part of the entire tour was learning the history of Bayou St. John and how it was the original entrance to the city.  It was too hard to fight against the current of the Mississippi, so our forefathers would instead ride to the end of the bayou before transferring to land and heading into the city proper.  

To ride the same waterways in the year 2014 that our ancestors rode along in the 1700s was mind-blowing to me.  At times, I could almost see beyond the roads and the buildings and found myself staring at the city at how it could have been.

I love the idea of staying genetically grounded.  By that, I mean I enjoy engaging in activities that might have been close to what my ancestors might have done.  Paddling up and down the bayou definitely falls into that category for me.  

Bottom line, if you are looking for something fun to do on a beautiful day, paddle boarding is the ticket.  It’s an excellent activity for families, couples, and friends to enjoy together.  The whole experience is positive. You get out the house, you get some exercise, and you learn about the history of the city along the way.  Perhaps most importantly, paddle boarding is FUN!  So, if you find yourself bored or looking for something to do, don’t hesitate to hit up NOLA Paddleboards for a different sort of experience than you are used to.  

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03/25/2014 12:46PM
T-Bob: On da bayou with Mom & Beaux
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03/25/2014 8:08PM
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