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T-Bob: Can you smell what the Saints are Brandin Cookin?

Hello, and welcome back, my friends! Gather 'round and let me tell you a story of how my loyal friend and compatriot Kristian Garic was able to solve my little problem that came up yesterday.  

Thanks to this age of technology that we live in, and the holy ones known as the Order of Apple, Sir Garic was able to film the one-on-one pass rush drills on his iPhone. Compared to being there in person, this brought some advantage, as I was not only able to watch once, but multiple times!  

The previously documented battle between Junior Galette and Terron Armstead continues to be neck-and-neck, and probably the most exciting matchup to watch. They split down the middle with each player winning once.  Galette’s spin move (the same one Armstead stopped dead the other day), continues to impress the hell out of me, and he was able to win the second rep by employing this technique. I’m not sure if it is quite as good as Dwight Freeney’s legendary spin move, but I am willing to say that it is close.  


Zach Strief and Cam Jordan continue to impersonate a battle of ancient titans - at times it seems as if the entire ground shakes when these two modern-day Goliaths make contact. Strief has won the war thus far, but in the one rep I saw, Cam Jordan barely was able to get one back on him. Probably some of the best contact of the day on that rep as well, as Cam used a bull-to-swim technique that is incredibly tough to combat.

As far as the centers go I am not willing to say that either Lelito or Goodwin looked particularly impressive.  Neither of them got flat-out beat but neither had a dominant rep as well.  These two continued to rotate throughout the team drills, and what exciting team drills they were!  Hokie Gajan actually said that he thinks today may have been the greatest Saints practice he has ever seen.  
There were big plays all over the field both offensively and defensively. If you were a fan in those bleachers, you absolutely got your money’s worth.  Speaking of big plays, the Saints first round pick Brandin Cooks was on fire today. I know I am not supposed to follow the ball, but with a player that dynamic it is a challenge not to do so. He even took a bubble screen all the way for six! A BUBBLE SCREEN!

As a former LSU player I think it is written somewhere in my DNA to hate bubble screens, and yet Brandin Cooks may yet be the one to make me love them.  

The Saints are off tomorrow, yet I am not, as I will be writing a blog about whatever shenanigans we manage to get into (sleeping and eating all day).  Until then love, peace, and chicken grease… has anyone else ever seen the Pest?  I had a weird thing for that movie… thought that John Leguizamo was the height of comedic genius.
P.S. I absolutely love the fact that Cooks is number 10.  As a soccer fan I feel that it somehow makes him a better player automatically.  Also, while I’m spitballing, does anyone else think that Cooks would have made a hell of a soccer player? World Cup 2022 Cooks for Captain… that’s right Qatar… The Flash is coming…

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07/29/2014 6:38PM
T-Bob: Can you smell what the Saints are Brandin Cookin?
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