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Posted: Friday, 07 March 2014 11:33AM

Voters should decide whether to use red light cameras, says lawmaker

If you had the chance, would you let your local government set up cameras to catch drivers running red lights or speeding? A New Orleans lawmaker wants to give voters the option.

Algiers Democrat Jeff Arnold is hoping the third time is the charm for his bill to require voters get a say in whether or not they'll be subject to the automated citation-issuing system. Arnold says the civil penalties take away the concept of "innocent until proven guilty."

"If we're going to give up our constitutional rights as citizens of the state of Louisiana, we ought to at least have a right to vote on it," Arnold said.

The lawmaker also bristles whenever officials say the cameras are about safety.

"Anyone who says it's not a revenue deal is just not telling the full truth," he asserted.

Arnold has also filed a bill that would require a violator to be served their ticket by a person, instead of through the mail.

"If I'm going to get a ticket it should be treated like any other moving violation ticket that I receive," said Arnold. "Any officer of the court should be presenting that citation."

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