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Posted: Friday, 28 February 2014 7:28AM

Carnival crawfish crop costly if you can find them

Crawfish boil gatherings over the Mardi Gras weekend may find it difficult to get enough of their main dish. That's because cold weather in January and early February affected the crop. Louisiana Crawfish Farmers Association Director, Stephen Minvielle says crawfish suppliers will be hard pressed to meet the demand...

"Normally, with Mardi Gras and Holy Week... Good Friday, we rarely if ever can keep up with demand.  It's crawfish insanity. The numbers we're seeing statewide are below fifty percent of what we had on an average year."
Minvielle says farmers thought milder weather over the last few weeks would allow a big comeback. But he says the warmer water temperatures haven't produced the results they were hoping for.
"We're above the magic temperature which was sixty-two degrees. My farm alone at those temperatures, should be catching twenty to thirty sacks a day.  Best day I've had this year was eight."
Minvielle says the low supply of crawfish coupled with the high demand will lead to high prices for mudbugs.

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