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Posted: Sunday, 23 February 2014 5:39AM

Barkus wags its way through the Vieux Carre

The Mystic Krewe of Barkus, the only officially licensed Mardi Gras krewe by and for canines, will take to the streets of the French Quarter for the 22st year on Sunday to the theme 'Dogzilla: Barkus Licks the Crescent City.'

The 2014 Parade will start at Armstrong Park promptly at 2pm and proceed on their traditional 15-block route through the Vieux Carré, stopping at the VIP Reviewing Stand at Good Friends Bar, corner Dauphine and St. Ann, where VIPs (and those who desire to be VIPs) will toast the Royal Court.

This year's parade promises a canine encounter of epic proportions and a gathering of paws that is certain to sniff out the monster inside every krewe member.
It also promises to be a celebration to empower every four-legged creature with the bark of nature only a dogzilla can deliver.

Sunday afternoon, this krewe will take over the French Quarter and lick the Crescent City with dog pageantry that applauds the talented and talentless, judges not on your education, worldliness or degree of dental care, but on your sass and frass and how your tail wags.

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