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Posted: Friday, 21 February 2014 7:05AM

Battle over 'Who Dat' casket

An owner of a custom casket shop in Kenner says he's received letters from the NFL and Saints telling him to stop selling a black and gold  casket with the Fleur de Lis symbol.  'Til We Meet Again' owner Jonathan LaHatte says the 'Who Dat' casket has been in the front of his store window since he opened in October.

"They haven't seemed to have a problem with it for four months.  I'm not sure why all of a sudden it's an issue when it's been prominently displayed in my front window, on Facebook, and on television since December too," LaHatte explained.

LaHatte said the first letter he received from the Saints and the NFL said that the Fleur de Lis symbol on the casket created trademark issues. So the store owner had the coffin's symbol redesigned and thought the design changes made it ok for him to sell the item.

"I'm a Saints fan, regardless of what happens. You know, I love watching team and the games. This has nothing to do with the players or coaching staff. This is, I feel... an issue with the front office and/or the NFL trying to squeeze every penny out of everything they can."

In an email, Saints senior vice president of communications, Greg Bensel says their letter asked for the store's attorney to "sit down and discuss the matter." LaHatte calls it a cease and desist letter, but still plans on selling the 'Who Dat' casket.

"It's a popular seller.  I mean... I've had other ones that have sold more, but it's not like the NFL is going to make millions of dollars off of me, if they went after me."

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