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Posted: Thursday, 20 February 2014 7:16AM

Louisiana voters overwhelmingly oppose legal pot and gay marriage

The subjects of gay marriage and marijuana legalization in the United States have been major news topics over the past year. So where do Louisianians stand on these issues?

Public Policy Polling conducted a survey of 600 likely voters in the Bayou State, and spokesman Tom Jenson says gay marriage continues to be very unpopular here.

"Only 28% of voters think it should be legal, 62% still think it should be illegal," said Jenson. "Those are some of the most conservative numbers we see anywhere in the country."

Jenson says they see a similar divide on the marijuana issue. He says Louisiana supports medical marijuana with 60% in favor and 30% opposition.

However, Jenson says voters here are not ready for recreational marijuana.

"Only 30% think recreational marijuana should be allowed, 61% think that it should be illegal... It doesn't look like Louisiana is going to be joining Washington and Colorado in legalizing marijuana overall anytime soon."

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