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Posted: Wednesday, 19 February 2014 3:09PM

Judge gives site more time to surrender blogger names

The New Orleans Times Picayune has more time to turn over records to a federal judge investigating claims that the blogging scandal in the U.S. attorney's office may have gone further than earlier reported. 

"They are probably preparing an appeal," Legal Analyst Tim Meche said.

A prescient exhange took place immediately following last week's guilty verdict in the Ray Nagin corruption trial, when Nagin's Attorney Robert Jenkins joined Meche and Legal Analyst Chick Foret on Angela Hill's program and revealed the possibilty that some possible forthcoming information could have "nuclear" implications on the Nagin case and others.

Meche thinks the delay in handing over the names of people who posted comments on news stories is probably not going to ultimately help the newspaper.

"Recent Supreme Court cases pretty much establish that journalists' privileges are more limited than they used to be.  In cases where there may be criminality involved, the courts are forcing the media to turn over things like this."

Meche says while the paper my buy some time, the odds are against winning.

"I think ultimately they are going to have to turn it over." 

Meche is one of the defense attorneys on the Danziger Bridge case where police officers are charged with killing unarmed victims.

The paper has until the end of February to comply with the court order.

Defense attorneys requested the information identifying people who anonymously posted about federal cases.  They want to know if any other Justice Department employees were writing comments on the site.

The judge agreed to order the information be turned over so the court could review.

Some attorneys believe that former U.S. Attorney Jim Letten may have been posting comments anonymously, but have not publicly submitted any evidence to support that.

Click here to read more about how this legal battle may or may not influence several federal cases including the convictions of former New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin...


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