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Posted: Tuesday, 11 February 2014 2:17PM

Sheriff: Murders ordered to silence witness

The Lafourche Parish Sheriff's office says a double-homicide that happened in September was a hit ordered to silence a witness in a drug case.

Deputies arrested Toronzo "Tonto" Thompkins of Raceland, along with his son, Traveyon "Goo" Blackledge, and another accomplice, Jerrard "G" Major. Sheriff spokesman Brennan Matherne says they believe the trio are responsible for the murders of 41-year-old Nikki Landry and 54-year-old Harry Lefort.

Matherne says all three all charged with two counts each of first degree murder. He says Landry was killed just days before she was to testify in Thompkins's drug trial.

Matherene said Thompkins was in jail when he learned Landry was the informant.

"When he confirmed that fact, he made contact with Blackledge and Major and ordered them to kill Landry," he said.

Lefort, authorities say, just had the misfortune of being with Landry when Blackledge and Major carried out the crime.

Matherne says Thompkins was initially arrested in April 2011 on cocaine distribution charges after agents obtained video of him engaged in a drug deal with Landry.

He says Thompkins remained incarcerated at the Lafourche Parish Detention Center for the next two years awaiting trial.

"It was through a court proceeding that Thompkins found out Landry was the confidential informant that was prepared to testify against him," said Matherne.

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