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Posted: Sunday, 09 February 2014 2:10PM

VIDEO: T-Bob takes in Comic Con

I love this job. Yesterday I was fortunate enough to go to my first ever Con of any sort when I went to Wizard World's New Orleans Comic Con.  For one weekend, the Convention Center is transformed to an incredible land filled with monsters, heroes, villains, and anything else you can imagine.

I was experiencing true sensory overload as my head whipped back and forth trying to take it all in. Toys, comic books, weapons, movies, video games, board games... they were all there.  One of my favorite parts however was the Cosplay.  Normal people are transformed into their favorite characters through a mixture of hard work and dedication.  I want thank everyone that allowed me to interview them in the video and thank you to everyone else who displayed at the Con!  You made my first con experience a memorable one!


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