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Posted: Thursday, 06 February 2014 1:00PM

Light flashers still face tickets

A federal judge has ruled that drivers do have the first amendment right to flash their lights to warn other drivers about speed traps, but you better not try it in Louisiana until state lawmakers make some adjustments.

State Police spokeswoman Melissa Matey says in Louisiana it's a ticketable offense.

''There is a law that says flashing lights is illegal unless it's for hazardous purposes,'' said Matey.

Matey says it's not a top priority but it could be considered as interfering with police business.

"Will that citation get written?  I am sure sometimes it will and it has in the past, but it's not one of our focuses,'' Matey said.

Until state lawmakers change the law, this ruling, by a federal judge in Missouri, will have no immediate impact here.

CLICK HERE to listen to State Trooper Melissa Matey explain the rules to WWL's Scoot.

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