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Posted: Thursday, 06 February 2014 11:45AM

T-Bob: Now is the time to jump on Tulane bandwagon

Per capita, Louisiana produces more professional athletes than any state in our blessed union.  Tulane Football Head Coach Curtis Johnson seems aware of this fact and has taken advantage of it with his 2014 recruiting class.

Out of the 24 players that Johnson signed, 20 of them call Louisiana home.  Some may be thinking to themselves that this is overkill, but I disagree.  I grew up in Georgia playing Georgia high school football, and after moving to Louisiana and getting involved in sports broadcasting, I got to watch a lot of Louisiana prep football.  Trust me when I tell you that Louisiana has the best high school football I have ever seen.  Its not just the big names either, every state is going to have a couple guys that rise above and get national attention.  

The impressive part to me about Louisiana prep is the depth that you see on each and every team.  It seems as if there are players all over the field on both sides of the ball that can play on the college level. I have always wondered why some of the smaller colleges in the state try and get flashy names from around the country, when there is so much to choose from in your own backyard.  Well, it seems as if Curtis Johnson realizes that Tulane’s best route to improve immediately is to farm and develop all this Louisiana talent.

Coach CJ is coming off the most successful season for the Green Wave in more than 10 years and has now put together back to back solid recruiting classes.  Between that and the new stadium that will be featuring the Wave next year, it truly seems as if Coach Johnson is bringing Tulane back to its former glory.  If you’re a Tulane fan who has perhaps lapsed in their fandom, NOW is the time to get back on the bandwagon.   I don’t know exactly what the future holds for Tulane, but what I do know is that the program as a whole is moving in positive directions and I am excited to witness this team grow over the next few years.

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