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Posted: Wednesday, 29 January 2014 8:43AM

Roads could stay closed awhile

Now that the precipitation has moved out, the Department of Transportation and Development says there are still certain conditions they have to monitor before a closed road is deemed passable.

"Just because it's sunny... does not necessarily mean it's safe to travel," DOTD spokesman Rodney Mallett said.

He stresses that he understands people's frustration with not being able to freely move about, but says he can live with knowing that they are safe.

"I'd rather them be mad because of that, rather than because they got in an accident"

Mallett says many roads that are closed right now will likely not be opened soon.

He says even when temperatures at ground level get above freezing, it does take a while for a frozen bridge or elevated roadway to thaw out.

"We can try to expedite the process... put down some salt, we have graters we can use."

Mallett says the public has done a good job of heeding the advice to stay home, something he highly recommends again today.

Click here for a list of major road closures...

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