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Posted: Tuesday, 28 January 2014 12:35PM

Landrieu urges residents to take storm seriously

At a press conference this morning with City leaders and public safety officials, Mayor Landrieu said the National Weather Service assures us it is going to get colder... temperatures will go below freezing, and it’s going to get wet.   This will create clear & present dangers for people. Bridges will be hazardous, roads will be impassable; and we should be very concerned about electrical outages. Once again, he’s asking people to stay home again today and tomorrow.

Mayor Landrieu says we can expect event to be with us until at least Thursday morning.  We’ll get freezing rain starting today at 3pm, expecting snow, sleet & ice. It will thaw temporarily Wednesday afternoon, but again that will be temporary - it will then re-freeze fairly quickly, creating threatening situations through Thursday morning. School closure announcements continue to come in as well; click here to read the latest.

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Other highlights: The airport is closed today - the last flight out was at 11am.  This will continue possibly through tomorrow and into Thursday.

To report a power outage call (800) 9-OUTAGE or (800) 968-8243
You can monitor restoration progress at www.entergy.com
You can download the Entergy app for smart phones to monitor outages

All streetcars services are suspended. Buses continue to run and will pick up streetcar routes except on the Riverfront.
For more information call (504) 248-3900 or go to www.ready.nola.gov
You can also follow them on twitter @neworleansrta

NOPD will be patrolling all neighborhoods, especially if there are power outages.

NOFD advises you to be vigilant using alternative sources for heat. Do not plug space heaters into extension cords. Use common sense and do not leave lit candles unattended, or near doors and windows where they could be knocked over. Do not use the stove to heat the house; it can carbon monoxide poisoning.

The 911 service is for emergencies, such as house fires and violent crimes,  that require an immediate response by police, fire crews, or an ambulance.

For non-emergencies or to file a police report please call (504) 821-2222.

For all other city services, call 311.

FULL AUDIO: City leaders deliver press conference Tuesday morning in advance of severe winter weather

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