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Posted: Monday, 27 January 2014 6:45PM

Commuters fret about possible ice storm

Many schools will be closed the next couple of days, and officials are urging people to stay home until the threat of unusual freezing weather passes.
"The precipitation could start north of the lake around eight, nine o'clock in the morning with some freezing rain, sleet or even snow," said Channel 4 Chief Meteorologist Carl Arredondo.  "South of the lake, we're looking at rain or freezing rain starting after ten o'clock in the morning."

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With temperatures expected to be at or below freezing overnight, and a 70 percent chance of rain or even flurries, overpasses and bridges are a threat to freeze up. And it can be hard to get around without going over at least one bridge.
"I have to travel up the 310 bridge," one motorist said.  "I'll have to be watching the weather to see if I can find an alternate route."
Another commuter said he usually makes two water crossings, and bridges are typically his only option.
"The Crescent City (Connection) and another, like an Intracoastal bridge," he said.  "Those are going to be rough if it starts freezing."
It may get barley above freezing tomorrow, and then it will plunge deep into the 20s and the upper teens tomorrow night. Other drivers hope to avoid it all together:
"Hopefully I won't be going anywhere," said one CBD worker.  "Basically staying home."

If you MUST drive, click here for info on safety in icy conditions.

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