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Posted: Sunday, 26 January 2014 4:03PM

Nasty winter weather forecast for Tuesday

The National Weather Service is warning of snow, sleet and freezing rain across Southeast Louisiana Tuesday.

"A strong cold front will move through southern Mississippi and southeast Louisiana on Monday," government forecasters say in a Winter Storm Watch statement.  "A disturbance will move across the northern Gulf of Mexico on Tuesday and spread precipitation back into the area. With a very cold air mass already in place...this will mean the precipitation is likely."

The Weather Service says it will come as a mix of wintery precipitation.

"Sleet...freezing rain...or snow (will fall) across most or all of the area. The potential exists for significant travel problems from snow or icing due to freezing rain."

How much will fall?

"Snow amounts in excess of two inches and sleet and freezing rain accumulations of a quarter inch or more are possible across the entire area."

We could very well see bridges and roads closed as a result starting Tuesday morning, continuing Tuesday afternoon and evening in Wednesday.

Temperatures are forecast to be in the 20's and 30's all day Tuesday and Wednesday.

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