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Posted: Wednesday, 22 January 2014 2:11PM

Report: Sharper calls rape accusations lies and 'BS'

Former Saints safety Darren Sharper has reportedly denied rape allegations.

TMZ reports that Sharper is adamant that he is not a rapist.

The report says Shaper is "insisting the women accusing him of sexual assault are lying."

TMZ sites law enforcement sources for the information.

Two women accuse the retired NFL star of rape in Los Angeles.

The report goes on to say, "Now, our sources say ... the former NFL star claims he only knows the identity of one of his accusers and insists the encounter was purely consensual... We're told Sharper says he met the woman at a nightclub and they went back to his hotel room to 'hook up' ... but he didn't do anything wrong."

TMZ says that Sharper called the second allegation "BS" and doesn't know who is making the allegation.

The article made no reference to the allegation New Orleans police are investigating.

The LAPD arrested Sharper last week.  He is out on $200,000 bond.

Shaper has not returned calls for comment.

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