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Posted: Thursday, 16 January 2014 10:08PM

Should repeat marijuana offenders face lighter sentences?

Colorado has legalized pot.  A committee of Louisiana lawmakers will discuss the possibility of medicinal marijuana.  Now, a New Orleans lawmaker wants to talk about easing the penalties for marijuana possession.
A third conviction of marijuana possession could send a person to jail for twenty years.  Rep, Austin Badon (D-New Orleans) finds that excessive and is proposing a change.
"It decreases the criminal penalty and it also decreases the fine," said Badon, from a maximum twenty years to no more than five. Badon says it would also save the state on costly incarceration costs.
"As a state, we have to give them three square meals a day, provide medial for them and housing for these people," he said.  "This is sound fiscal sense."
A similar bill last year passed through the house but failed to pass in the state senate.

(image from Louisiana State Police)

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