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Posted: Monday, 13 January 2014 6:03AM

The Who Dat Nation is down, but won't give up hope

It's a blue Monday in New Orleans after a sad and soggy Saturday in Seattle.

The mood in New Orleans today is much like the weekend's weather was in the Pacific Northwest...bleak and dreary...grim and gloomy.

"The Seahawks are a very tough team, and when they play at home, I think they're pretty much unbeatable," said this disappointed fan.

Disappointment is definitely the prevalent emotion among the Who Dat Nation today, but the reasons for it are varied...missed field goals, missed third down conversions, and questionable play calling.

"I feel like the offense didn't perform what they needed to do to get the job done."

"They shouldn't have missed those field goals, that's for sure!"

"I watched Drew Brees...he just wasn't playing like he should have been."

"We need a new kicker."
"We got a little too cute with the play calling."

"They went for it too many times on fourth down, when they should have punted or gone for a field goal."

But, none of the folks we talked to are ready to give up their allegiance to the Black & Gold.

"I love the Saints! They're my guys and I'll stand behind them, no matter what. They didn't do it this year, so we just have to hope for next year."

"They tried. They tried really hard and I'm still proud of them."

"The Saints are a great time. They'll do better next time."

"Can't wait for next season

"Always a fan! I was born a Saints fan and I'm going to die one, man!"

The mood may be more black than gold today, but the Who Dat Nation is here to stay.


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