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Posted: Tuesday, 03 December 2013 3:29PM

Judge: jury selection in Warren case should end today

Opening arguments in the re-trial of the former New Orleans Police officer accused of killing man in the days after Hurricane Katrina could begin tomorrow.  The federal judge in the case says he expects to finish jury selection by tonight.

David Warren admits firing the shots that killed Henry Glover, whose burned remains were found long after the storm, in a charred vehicle dumped on the river side of the Algiers levee.  But the cover-up aspect of the trial is no longer on the table for prosecutors.

"In the other case, David Warren had a number of codefendants that were sitting next to him in the courtroom, and you could make the argument that David Warren got caught in the undertow in the conspiracy of the cover-up," said former federal prosecutor and legal analyst Chick Foret.

Foret says this case will be more straightforward.

"What the projection in this case is going to argue is that David Warren overreacted," Foret explained.

Foret says the defense will argue that it was it a justified use of deadly force:

"He was on duty, he did not overreact, considering the conditions that were surrounding him," is the case Foret says the defense will have to make.

Foret says this trial will be better for the defendant than the last one, but he doesn't think either side has an advantage as they make their presentations at federal court.


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