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Posted: Wednesday, 13 November 2013 8:45AM

Sub-freezing wind chills greet you like a slap in the face

Even though today's cold temperatures have been prominent in the weather forecast for days, a lot of folks say they had forgotten just what cold feels like.

"Yes indeed!  It's cold out here!" said one commuter. "It was just very much a surprise."

"It's freezing!" another exclaimed.

For folks who work outside, it could be a long day.

"It's colder than I-don't-know-what out here today, and I got to sit on the river," one man told us.  "Ooh, it's gonna be a bad one."

But it doesn't really have people pining for the dog days of summer, either.

"Better than the heat, so I can't complain too much," one woman said. "I'd rather this.  At least I can put clothes on, I can only take so much off."


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