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Posted: Wednesday, 13 November 2013 6:13AM

Who do people prefer as a boss, a man or a woman?

A new Gallup poll shows while more people than ever would like to have a female as a boss, it's still men most people would prefer to work for.

Four out of ten Americans say they really don't have a preference who they work for, but of those who do, most still prefer to work for a male (35%) over a female (23%).  But Gallup says fewer Americans today say they actually work for a woman now, and "This structural aspect of the workplace in turn likely affects their preferences."

The 23% of Americans who would opt to work for a woman is the highest in the history of Gallup's asking this question since 1953, but still, for those who do have a preference, men are the favorite. Locally my results of an unscientific poll in the CBD have been similar to Gallup's, with many of the women saying they prefer male bosses.  "A male boss usually tells you short and sweet what he wants...and there's no emotion in the equation," a woman told me. 

Another says, "A woman looks at you and feels like, "I'm going to fix her."  A man will give you a chance."

But of the men I polled, they either said they didn't have a preference or they like a female boss, because as one put it they're "Easier to talk to," and another adds, "They're more straight forward."

The proportion of Americans who prefer a female boss Gallup says "Has increased by 18 percentage points over the past six decades, while there has been a 31point decline in the percentage who would prefer a male boss. Americans are also significantly more likely today than in 1953 to volunteer that they do not have a preference."

  Click here for the poll from Gallup.

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