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Posted: Tuesday, 12 November 2013 8:05AM

Two lanes of CCC toll plaza close

Since the spring, area commuters have not had to pay a toll to cross the Crescent City Connection from Algiers to downtown New Orleans, but rush hour traffic still backs up at the twelve-lane toll plaza that sits just hundreds of yards before the four-lane bridge.  

In an effort to streamline the flow of cars, highway officials closed a couple of lanes at the now defunct toll plaza.  Drivers headed from the Westbank to downtown New Orleans will find the far-left lane closed, as well as the right-most lane for cars coming off the Westbank Expressway.  The oversize vehicles lane and the other lanes that Gen. DeGaulle commuters encounter as they merge onto the bridge are still open.

Department of Transportation and Development engineer Scott Boyle says they'll spend the next several week observing how this affects traffic.

"We're going to look at the merging conditions just beyond the toll plaza as we go from twelve to four lanes," Boyle said.

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