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Posted: Sunday, 10 November 2013 8:18AM

Miles on the 38-17 loss over Bama

LSU Head Coach Les Miles

Opening statement:

“Congratulations to a quality Alabama team. Coach Saban really has them going. They played extremely well. I’m really not prepared for this. This kind of felt like we played better. Two quality teams played and that Alabama team separated themselves from us tonight.

“You can’t turn the ball over. It’s a 7-0 game with a fullback off of left tackle. We turn the ball over to the other side of the field, and it just cost us a terrible start. We overcame it and go to tie, and we get them to fourth down. They fake punt and keep the ball for the remainder of the time and score seven. We turn the ball back to them, they score seven. Those two drives were long and ate the clock up. Suddenly it is 14 points with a sudden need to make things happen. Again, quality defense played by Alabama and the way they ran the football decided the game.”

On the start of the game:

“We went off the tackle to take the lead 7-0. You have a center-quarterback exchange mistake, which you really can’t do in games like this against quality opponents. No matter how you cut it, it’s seven for us and three for them.  That’s a 10-point swing. I would certainly like to be up seven, and take the ball at that point forward and drive it. It could have been a different start to the game. I watched individual effort, and the individual effort was good. I thought our team fought and I think they are stung right now. I don’t think they are happy about it at all. When you prepare hard, you want victory and you are ambitious. It’s not fun to finish second, and today we finished second.”

On Alabama’s run game:

“I’m going to have to see the film on that. It seemed like there were some missed tackles. It seemed they went around the end, and they seemed to go inside too. T.J. (Yeldon) had guys that were unblocked right at the point of attack and made them miss and would go get yards. The drive on some of those runs were pretty special. We have to tackle better. It’s that simple.”

#33 Jeremy Hill, Running Back

On the Alabama defense:

“They did a good job of scheming all over. They made the right adjustments when we made our checks. They just did a great job scheming us up tonight. They played physical at the line of scrimmage. They held on to our blocks, and when we got to the line of scrimmage they tried to get off those blocks.

“Any time you play against these guys you’ve got to sometimes just take the tough yards because you can’t bounce things or cut things back. They played a great game tonight and had a great plan for us.”

#8 Zach Mettenberger, Quarterback

On if LSU is still on the same level as Alabama:

“I believe so. You could look at the score and think one thing, but if you watched the game you would know that if we didn’t turn the ball over and made some smarter decisions in the third and fourth quarters, it would be a ball game.”

On LSU’s aggressive game plan:

“We weren’t going to back down from Alabama.  We had a good game plan going, but we just weren’t able to execute it.”

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