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Posted: Wednesday, 06 November 2013 10:22AM

Christie and Paul top GOP poll, Jindal near last

A new Public Policy Polling survey has Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal second to last in the race for the GOP nomination.  One LSU analyst says it's still very early.

PPP says, "Chris Christie and Rand Paul both get 16%, followed by Ted Cruz at 15%, and Jeb Bush at 14%. Paul Ryan at 11%, Marco Rubio at 10%, Bobby Jindal at 6%, and Rick Santorum at 5% round out the field."

LSU Pollster Kirby Goidel says Jindal, nor any other candidate, should be counted out at this point.

"It's very possible for a candidate like Jindal who doesn't have huge national viability or is not showing strong in the national polls to do well in those early states and convert that into support nationally," according to Goidel.

He also thinks there will be a large number of voters looking for someone further to the right than New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie.

"Christie is going to get the moderate support in the party," Goidel explained.  "That leaves Jindal to try to be the non-Christie candidate.  One of the conservative candidates is going to occupy that space... and Jindal wants to figure out a way to be that guy."

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