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Posted: Tuesday, 29 October 2013 5:15PM

Peralta: Charges against me dropped

St. Bernard Parish President David Peralta says the investigation into sexual assault accusations against him have been dropped.  A public relations firm issued this statement on his behalf:

"Today my wife Sharon informed Louisiana State Police in video statement that she has decided to drop all charges stemming from a domestic disagreement.  It is regrettable that law enforcement officials were summoned into this personal dispute. Sharon and I are sorry that this matter has escalated beyond a private matter."

State police Trooper Melissa Matey says this changes nothing from their perspective.  "Louisiana State Police is going to continue their investigation.   We are going to do a complete and thorough investigation.  We're going to continue to gather all the evidence and the facts.  We will present all of that information to the St. Bernard District Attorney's Office once the case is finished."

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