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Posted: Tuesday, 29 October 2013 5:18AM

What your Halloween costume reveals about you

Your choice of Halloween costume can say a lot about your personality, apparently.

Psychologist Dr. Wendy James has come up with a guide showing which costumes different personality types are likely to choose and there are reasons why different people choose the costumes they do for Halloween.

Surprisingly those in a gross or scary costume, like a zombie, are people who don't like the limelight she says, while those who dress up as a celebrity really like attention, as do women in very revealing or sexy costumes.

She says those who choose to dress up as a political figure enjoy being a little bit controversial.

Here's Dr. James rundown of costume choices:

Outgoing individuals tend to dress up like celebrities because it almost guarantees they'll get lots of attention.

•Gross / Scary
Horror is popular in pop culture and if a person goes for the gross and scary costume, chances are they will be low key individual who doesn't seek the limelight.

•Disney / Cartoon Character This is a safe choice that is G-rated for all audiences. It's a people pleaser and often worn by someone who doesn't prefer to rock the boat.

•Super Hero
Kind hearted individuals tend to flock to these costumes as they wish to help others and be seen as making a difference.

•Funny / Original
When you see a costume that make you look twice or three times, chances are the wearer of that costume is an A-type personality and highly creative individual who probably spent the past 9 months creating their costume.

•Political Costume
These people enjoy being a little bit controversial. Considering how unpopular congress is today, anyone who would dress up like them probably enjoys being scorned and reviled. People who dress up like members of congress this year should probably seek professional counseling.

•The Pimp
Likely worn by an insecure man who's acting out his fantasy of dominating women. It's really not an original costume and is often a choice for the uncreative types.

•No Costume
Likely a choice of people completely out of touch with their inner child or those who feel they are too mature to be dressing up in costumes.

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