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Drunk or Kid?
YI! Its time for another edition of Drunk or Kid! The first story was a kid who stole his mom's gun and held up a convenient store. Second story was a person who stole a decorative item from a restaurant, but returned it with a note and candy....
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OPP: Dad Moving on Too Fast
YI! Today's ‪OPP‬ is from Nikki who is dealing with the loss of her mother who passed away 3 months ago. To add to her grief, she is also upset because her father is already dating someone else. ‬She feels as though he is...
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Hidden/Useless Talent
YI! We all have hiddent talents, and while some are useless, some are quite entertaining, like the guy below who peeled a coconut in seconds, using only his teeth! Bizarre moment man strips whole coconut in 20 seconds - using just his...
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Steve: Saints bid farewell to Brandon Browner
Many Saints fans Mardi Gras just got even better as it appears that cornerback Brandon Browner has been released by the Saints: I truly did love the city, really wanted to do well for the 504. Some of the best people, best hospitality,...
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It's a Flying Fish, Naturally
A weather reporter (according to this TV account) was taping her reaction to an ocean storm on Barry Island off the coast of Wales when she got a surprise. A wave broke over a wall, and a rather large fish hit her in the head. It's a pretty...
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Jeff Dunham Picks the Super Bowl Winner...
You know it's got to be a little nutty in Jeff Dunham's house The comic ventriloquist and his wife just had twins. Like that's not enough - he's also got all those dummies hanging around. The noises are not just inside his head,...
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And This is How You Choreograph Live Television
Fox's broadcast of Grease Live was pretty well received. But a lot of people don't have a full appreciation of the amount of work that goes into a production like that. For every person on screen, there's dozens behind the scenes,...
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Gagging It Up With The Martian
I love gag reels. Sorry, I just do. To watch the behind-the-scenes mess-ups to me can be more entertaining than the movie itself. Not so with The Martian, the Matt Damon movie about an astronaut accidentally stranded on Mars. The movie's...
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Check Out the New Barbie & Ken
The folks at Mattel must have gotten tired of humans trying to imitate their dolls. Specifically, the Barbie and Ken dolls. You do remember the Human Barbie and Human Ken people? People who had obscene amounts of plastic surgery to become living,...
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"What Would We Be Without Our Mountains?"
Some folks are already saying Coors Light wins the Super Bowl advertising contest. Not that there is one, but it seems like that's something to talk about, especially if your team didn't make it to the big game. The thinking is that their...
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